18 May 2024

"In mintea stramba si lucrul drept se stramba"
- parintele Arsenie BOCA


BARBARIC ROMANIA – Chilling images of women being paraded in handcuffs – the true face of the Romanian justice. The anticorruption show was used to dehumanize the population and fill it with rage. The presumption of innocence and the human dignity have been brutally and constantly trampled on. With each handcuff parade, Romanians are losing their humanity bit by bit until becoming the victims of those who build their careers of judges, prosecutors and secret agents using unscrupulous methods

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10 March 2020 14:45
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What do you mean with the human dignity, the benefit of the doubt, the human rights?... For the National Anticorruption Directorate (Directia Nationala Anticoruptie – DNA), all these are utopias or "boring school stuff" which they only graze against when they need to read it for a doctor's degree. For years, the DNA prosecutors have taken up the role of executioners cutting short the destinies pf public persons (whether politicians, magistrates, lawyers or public officers). The usual impression was that their vanity was being satisfied every time yet another "criminal" exited the anticorruption prosecutor’s office door in handcuffs. If it was a woman, so much the better. The bigger the show, more press, more interesting shots. The handcuff parades went on throughout Laura Codruta Kovesi’s presidency of the DNA. After SRI was taken out of the cases and Kovesi left, DNA became meek as a lamb, nostalgic for the times when the "anticorrupts" made and destroyed the destinies of governments, alliances and political games.


Then, with no new fodder from the SRI, DNA laid low. They now seemed to have heard of the presumption of innocence and human rights. During this period of around two years, the anticorrupts’ "trophies" were company directors or accountants. Everybody was able to relax, and the economy was again functional. There was no more fear in city halls that if they sign a contract, "DNA will come and get them".

But the miracle only lasted for about two years. Up until Sorina Pintea, who received a brutal visit from the DNA for an alleged bribe. She was heard by the prosecutors a full day long, brought from Baia Mare to Bucharest, properly shown off, like in the good old days, placed under preventive arrest and kept in unimaginable and inhuman conditions of arrest. Then paraded again, in handcuffs, and dragged to the Hospital of the Minister of Interior, after having complained about the bad health she was in.

Last night’s images were the clear sign for everybody that the System has resurrected, is fully active and ready for new targets.

Because what happened with Sorina Pintea Tuesday night, 3 March 2020, is just a remake of the frequent episodes of public humiliation of public persons. Tens, if not hundreds of persons have been paraded like Sorina Pintea. Among these, many were women. Women who were humiliated by the DNA, showing them around in handcuffs to quench the public’s thirst for blood.

Take a look at the pictures below to see if there is any difference between what was going on during the horror years of the DNA-SRI coalition led by Laura Kovesi and Florian Coldea and what is happening now, at the beginning of Klaus Iohannis’ second term of office! We believe there is none.

Just as they are doing now with Sorina Pintea, the DNA prosecutors have done with other women before. So, in a matter of just a few years, an impressive collection of terrifying images, telling of a rare barbarism, showing women, many of them distressingly small, in handcuffs and marched sadistically before the news reporters called to assist to the ritual.

There have been measures lacking any justification, even if, just like Sorina Pintea, none of the women below posed any public threat and there was no risk for any of them to run away. The handcuffs were just a barbaric method whereby the DNA and the SRI tried to send clear messages and intimidate anyone who would not obey the System that was leading the country in terror. Alas, the System is back with a vengeance, even without Laura Kovesi and Florian Coldea.

It should be noted – for those who have forgotten and who still fail to realize the threat posed by the resurrection of the System – many other women have been shown off in handcuffs just like Sorina Pintea. After having been humiliated by the "cuff bracelets", most of them were acquitted, some of them definitively.

Below is a gallery showing the most well-known cases of "criminals" paraded as such by the DNA:


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