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NEW RECORDING WITH MIRCEA NEGULESCU – Listen to “Rag” while plotting a beating: “I’ll piss on him... So, I’m making some knowledge of a man, yeah, and afterwards, after I have brought him here, I give him some hints: look, see, that’s about all, want a beating'?... If I go at a’hunch', he then knows I am weak and that I have no info on him, and he can piss on me… I can arrest him once again, I’ll f..k him” (Audio)

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11 March 2021 12:15
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Opponents of the Section for the Investigation of Crimes in Justice (SICJ / SIIJ) should listen carefully to the recording below, which shows how the “judicial beatings” were set up within the DNA and how it worked to execute politicians. And after listening to it, think twice before supporting the abolition of the SIIJ, since the abolition of the SIIJ can mean saving some characters who were executing, such as those revealed in the recording below.

Lumea Justitiei publishes in today's edition, March 9th, 2021, a new recording with the famous “bully” from the DNA Ploiesti prosecutor's office. The “bully” is none other than Mircea Negulescu (pictured above), called "Orange" or "Rag". The recording was broadcast exclusively on Monday evening, March 8, 2021, in the show "The climax" hosted by the journalist Victor Ciutacu on Romania TV.

Thus, Mircea Negulescu is caught in a discussion in his office while talking about manufacturing a criminal case. A politician's name is also mentioned, that of the former senator Daniel Savu.

Here is the latest recording with the former prosecutor Mircea Negulescu from DNA Ploiesti:

Mircea Negulescu: Talk to… Do you think he is in for playing, to destroy himself..

Man’s voice: I told you…(indecipherable)

Mircea Negulescu: Do you know what the problem is? In that criminal case, in that file (note: the Lukoil file) it was wrong… The boys did it from 2 billion as I retained (note: the damage was calculated by Negulescu), they doubled an amount and in fact it is 1 billion and 200 million (1.2 billion euros)… Anyway, we're like bargaining at the grocery… As if you went to a flower shop (note: this is how you calculate damages of hundreds of millions of euros) ... They were wrong by an amount of 800 million euros... Yes!

Man’s voice: And are they indicting it now?… (indecipherable)

Mircea Negulescu: What? They have already indicted it (n.r.: the Lukoil case). They indicted it, it's in the preliminary room, they did it, he indicted it. I, I can't tell you why I can't because I don't have to tell you, but it's just a matter of time. We'll see… There are some things, there are some stages that must be passed, they cannot be overlooked.

Man’s voice: But why... (indecipherable)

Mircea Negulescu: Because it's not a thing to say, like, I'm ready, I only have this and I finish him, I only have this and I finish him… I'm in a thousand things (note: because he opened several criminal procedures at the same time regarding the same individuals)... He's a living dead man, this is the situation and everything is ripe at the right time (note: that is, he launches the criminal files at the right time). I intend for these things to happen before the campaign begins (n.r .: the 2016 election campaign).

Negulescu to Iordache Mihai (judicial police officer): Identify the file with Savu Daniel, because I might have put the documents directly in the file, Mihai.

Iordache Mihai: The damage brought by tax evasion, as a criminal code classification, is that sum, 24 + 16. The C is 24 + 16 out of...

Mircea Negulescu: 24 with 16, yes, but it’s under 50,000, but it does not bother me.

Iordache Mihai: It’s an offense under paragraph 1, the shitty one.

Mircea Negulescu: It doesn’t bother me (n.r.: it doesn’t bother him that the possible damage is under 50,000 euro, implying that the deed must not punished criminally, but only sanctioned with a fine, according to art. 10, par. 1 of Law 241/2005).

Iordache Mihai: I said it.

Mircea Negulescu: I'll investigate him on paragraph 1, I indict him for money laundring and so I put him in prison from 3 to 10 years (n.r .: Negulescu plans to add a charge of money laundering out of thin air, so that the victim Savu Daniel does not 'escape').

Iordache Mihai: Right on.

Mircea Negulescu: And I’ll piss on him... Like a boss, to be very clear. And together with what he already has in court out there (note: ongoing criminal procedures already sent to trial), he’s completely terminated... What are we talking about? (i.e. He will surely be imprisoned.) So I’m making an in-depth analysis of a man, yeah, and afterwards, after I have brought him here, I give him some directions: look, see, that’s about all, dou you want a 'judicial beating'?... Because look, I know this and this and this... If not, turn yourself in... This is the picture! (i.e.: The method by which he determines persons to make denunciations).

Man’s voice: It does not interest me what it is all about… (indecipherable)

Mircea Negulescu: 'cause If I go only for a wild guess, then the guy knows I'm weak and that I've got no info on him, and he can piss on me… 'cause I serve it to him for good. Want me to take him once again? I can arrest him once again, I’ll f..k him.

Man’s voice: No, no.

Mircea Negulescu: Did you tell Lucian ? (n.r : Lucian Onea aka “Lucica”, the chief prosecutor of DNA Ploiesti in that moment).

Iordache Mihai: He’s with someone”.


* Listen here to the recording with Mircea Negulescu

* Read here the Romanian version of this story


# Vlad N L date 11 March 2021 19:57 +5

Dincolo de repulsia profunda pe care mi-o provoacă abjectul personaj și de faptul ca l-am revazut recent pe TV Realitatea in calitate de "consultant" (sau ce-o mai fi pe-acolo pe la latrina locului...), cred ca cineva la Luju își pierde efectiv vremea traducand in lb engleza din nemuritoarele "opere" verbale și faptice ale individului... Nu e vorba de "valoarea" lor, ci (sper ca sunteti cu mintea la voi) de faptul ca comanditarii din umbra sistemului subteran ai acțiunilor "justițiare" ale lui Kovesi,Negulescu &Co sunt (toti, fara exceptie) vorbitori ai lb en (majoritatea lor avand lb engleza drept limba materna).. Doar nu v-ati imaginat vreodată ca Negulescu a fost comandat din umbra de vreun vorbitor exclusiv al lb. ruse sau chineze??? Astfel incat "dezvaluirea" in lb engleza a ticalosiilor faptuite de acest, repet cu sila, 'individ' sa emotioneze și sa "emotioneze" oarecum spațiul "civilizației Atlantice" și "Our Way of Life"???... Imi este tare dor, degeaba, de o societate normala.

# Faracatuse date 12 March 2021 05:04 +4

Frank Timmermans, read this and look for your ass. Now with the orange boss near to you... this kind of things might happen to.... you. :)

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