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"In mintea stramba si lucrul drept se stramba"
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The Minerva Plan and the Criminal Protocols between the Romanian Intelligence Service (RIS) and the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (POHCCJ)

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10 April 2018 15:15
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The wicked system that plagued Romania has been inflected a lethal blow. The wave of stunning revelations surrounding it, no longer targets singular abuse cases.

Instead, it tears the mask off the hideous face of the Binomial Pair RIS-NAD (National Anticorruption Directorate), which has illegally penetrated the political class and justice system, to undermine the national body, the political parties, the free press and the Romanian business environment. Everything following an action plan outlined from the outside, by our "strategic partners".

That's what the villains who were at the top of RIS alleged - in order to exhibit a sense of self-importance and to intimidate: that they had orders from outside Romania. And up to a certain point, they had. Up to a point where the Binomial Pair believed they could be the ones making their own law in the country and thus escaping from any political and institutional control.

Initially, the Minerva Plan was imposed by the Americans and embraced by the Brussels authorities, which lead the European Commission.

With regard to foreign policies, it is a known fact that Americans lack moral judgment and principles, they only have interests. They imposed the Minerva Plan, thinking they would dominate Romania from a political and economic standpoint and any contact with Russia would be blocked, hence they would control the region. They imposed this plan by using handcuffs as their weapon. And the EU went right along with it; this is why the CVM (Cooperation and Verification Mechanism) Reports existed, only for cheering the law enforcing agencies and didn’t spare a single line talking about the existence of abuses.

Romania was subjected to an experiment. With the assistance the local intelligence services, it was secretly forced to adopt penal actions strategies, previously used by the Americans in third-world South-American, Arabic and African countries, to fight against drugs and human trafficking, as well as terrorism. That is to say, by violation of human rights. The politicians and the Romanian elites were systematically hunted down and paraded handcuffed in front of the nation, as if they were some terrorists, thus manipulating the people’s thirst for justice.

Everything started with the tacit approval of former president Traian Basescu, who was, at the time he came into office, indicted in the “Fleet” case file, and who accepted the beginning of this “head hunting” campaign in Romania, and who was helped by foreign powers to remain in Office, thus rigging the elections and throwing away the results of the 2012 Referendum, when 7.4 million Romanians voted for his impeachment.

In 2005, the Supreme Council of National Defense (SCND – an administrative body under the Romanian Presidency) issued decision no. 17/28.02.2005 which took upon itself to introduce in the National Anticorruption Strategy that tax evasion and corruption were to be considered vulnerabilities to national security. The press and mass media were also put under the same category.

Without any legal basis whatsoever and even though the Romanian law was clearly forbidding it, RIS and the General Prosecutor’s Office signed the Cooperation Protocol between POHCCJ and RIS for the fulfillment of duties which are assigned to them in the field of national security, no. 003064/04.02.2009 (official document through which RIS was illegally introduced in the penal prosecution process).

This classified Protocol, distributed to all high Prosecutors’ offices and RIS units across the country, was supplementary to the existing legal framework. On the basis of this Protocol, hundreds of mixed teams made up of prosecutors and intelligence officers were formed, “aiming to counter the risks spawned from carrying out criminal activities”. In order to make the court magistrates and the RIS intelligence officers believe there was a legal basis for this, a perpetual lie was launched, claiming that the Protocol was based on the above-mentioned SCND decision no. 17/28.02.2005.

Today, a disastrous event took place for the signatories of the Protocol, who face prison time: Friday, March 12, 2018, Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis has officially confirmed that there was no SCND decision that determined the conclusion of such protocols. A terrible blow for the Binomial Pair!

Setting up mixed teams, characteristic of the communist era Securitate, was and still is forbidden by the criminal proceedings code, which does not allow intelligence officers to be involved in penal prosecution activities, as well as by article 7 of Law no. 303/2004 regarding the Statute of prosecutors and judges, which forbids the magistrates to act as collaborators of the intelligence services, under the penalty of removal from office. These mixed teams operated from 2009 and up until 2016. The Minerva Plan was brought to fruition through an unprecedented pogrom against the free press (all mass media moguls were sent to prison and their businesses were destroyed), the politicians were annihilated in terms of public image and hunted down by means of criminal prosecution like ordinary thugs, especially those from the Social-Democrat Party (all the while President Basescu was shifting the blame on the 322 members of the Parliament, discrediting an institution elected by the people), and almost all important Romanian business men were crushed, their businesses were ruined and eliminated from the marketplace. Parallel to these protocols, the politicians who collaborated with the intelligence services ensured the alteration of the laws in such a way that made these abuses possible.

In Romania, the Minerva Plan was successful. It undermined the fundamental institutions, the political class and has decimated the Romanian elites. It transformed the justice system into a “tactical field” which generated unprofessional, irresponsible and completely out-of-control magistrates. All the way up to the High Court of Cassation and Justice itself. All of them vassals to the Romanian Intelligence Service…

The Result of the Minerva Plan: the local corruption was replaced by an even more dangerous one: imported corruption, which took over Romania’s strategic resources and its marketplace at the expense of national companies. Nowadays, Romanian households pay their bills to foreign firms exclusively.

Between 2005 and 2016, the Romanian Intelligence Service was the actual main threat to national security, brutally interfering with politics, mass media and the business environment, despite art. 36 from Law no. 14/ 1992 concerning RIS’s functional role, which states: “Romanian Intelligence Service employees cannot be members of political parties or any other political or secret organizations, and they cannot be used for political purposes. The Romanian Intelligence Service shall not undertake any actions to promote or harm the interests of any political party or individual or legal entity, except if their activities infringe on national security.”

Therefore, who allowed the management of RIS, the General Prosecutor’s Office and NAD to involve judges and propagandists into their well-orchestrated maneuvers, and to create a tactical field by way of which they could arrest, demonize and eliminate from the public eye local personalities that, be it good or bad, were our co-nationals? Based on some protocols that, as it’s now proven, had no legal basis, given that the SCND decisions cited as justification never actually allowed their conclusion. How did the signatories of these protocols dare supplement to the existing law?

It is absolutely clear that without being backed up by the Americans and those from Brussels, the prosecutors from the National Anticorruption Directorate and other prosecutor offices, as well as judges ”molded” by this system, would have never had the courage to imprison politicians, media group owners and business men. The foreign ambassadors contributed to ensure protection as well. One must not ignore the information according to which, inside the NAD headquarters, there was a CIA /FBI base of operation, which offered assistance with certain case files. By no chance Laura Kovesi (NAD’s Chief Prosecutor) took pictures together with US Secret Service station chiefs at traditional Romanian feasts, and there is also no coincidence that certain foreign countries awarded medals to her and to former RIS general Florian Coldea, for so-called “merits” that were never explained.

A similar Minerva Plan has previously been practiced, many years before, in Italy - “Mani Pulite”, and it was a resounding failure. It has destroyed Italy’s traditional political parties and its valuable leaders. The introduction of a Minerva Plan is being attempted for some years now in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia; but there, the people and their leaders oppose it and this is why hostile attitudes towards the EU emerged, that peaked a few days ago with the statement of Poland’s president Andrzej Duda, who compared being part of the EU with having the country invaded by several empires: “We do not decide for ourselves, because now somewhere far away, in distant capitals, decisions are taken about us, we take our money that we earn though our work from there, even if, in reality, we work for others.”

There are rumors that the Americans are slowly but surely retreating from the Minerva plan, which is still continued by the Brussels authorities.

Now you might understand why the First Vice-President of the European Commission, Dutchman Frans Timmermans, after our “World of Justice” publication (www.luju.ro) sent him in November 2017 the ample “REPORT on the subversive activity conducted between 2005 – 2017 in the sectors of Justice and intelligence services, to enable political-judicial-economic interest groups to exercise state power” where we pointed out the terrible abuses in our country, he answered that he was not interested in the subject, given that: “The CVM criteria do not extend to intelligence activities and democratic control of these activities and for this reason they are not in scope of the CVM report”.

That’s what happened in our country under the “all-wise” direction of the former RIS chiefs George Maior and Florian Coldea, who used to participate at fancy dinners with top politicians, magistrates and propagandists; they took and gave grace. The two are free as a bird and have no worries…. Many still tremble before them, just as they tremble before Kovesi.

As per the traditions originating in Dambovita, the Binomial Pair frequently deviated from the Minerva Plan. Even worse, they acted against nature, by spreading the false idea that the Americans wanted to arrange the prosecution cases while in reality they were the authors of the trumped-up charges. With the purpose that in the end everybody will be quiet and obey. The Binomial Pair thought it could actually substitute to the rule of law. They thought they could decide the fate of every individual, that they could rule everything, including the Parliament, the Government, the political parties, the mass media and the business environment. This explains why the budget for the secret services increased dramatically, year after year. This explains why at the top of the high Prosecutors’ Offices, servile and compromised individuals are being kept in office for too many years; the type of individuals who have made a name for themselves by imprisoning representatives elected by the people and, in general, by arresting everybody in an arbitrary manner, even those who named them in office. Everyone was corrupt, except for them!

The wave of terrible revelations which started during the last few weeks against the atrocities of the Binomial Pair, puts us in the middle of a major national debate: Has the RIS-NAD Binomial Pair (along with all their organizational ramifications) committed institutional treason? Or was it just the work of some individuals driven crazy by their quest for power, who mistook the official institutions for their private estates?

If the treason was at an institutional level, then RIS, NAD and similar nests of perfidious vipers should be ripped to pieces. If the treason was at a personal level, where individuals used the official institutions and their intelligence gathering processes to lobby for some interest groups, then the principals of the Binomial Pair should be held accountable. In both civil and criminal courts.

It is during this period that the final battle takes place. Numerous revelations and blows keep on striking the Binomial Pair from all over the place. There are countless examples of such revelations. We will find out the names of many judges and prosecutors who followed the orders of the Binomial Pair, and who partied with their principals. The evidence will be revolting, as it no longer involves particular matters, but systemic aspects that distressed Romanians’ daily lives!

One should expect the villainous system to react brutally, out of sheer fear. To scream out threats, to further abuse case files. It will make even worse mistakes, because it can’t go back anymore. It will sink even lower. Sooner or later it will end up like any other dictatorship. How can these scoundrels sleep tightly in their beds, as they were the ones deciding whom to handcuff, eliminate, completely ruin and exterminate like cockroaches?!?

PS: The POHCCJ – RIS protocols must be urgently declassified. And their signatories should be hauled into a court of justice. These illegal diktats, which generated mixed teams of intelligence officers & magistrates, must bring down the Romanian Intelligence Service directors who allowed it’s meddling in politics and in various fields, other than the ones that were a threat to national security, thus trenching upon the constitutional rights and legitimate interests of the Romanian people. The same faith should have the judges who issued national security warrants based on the unlawful actions of the Binomial Pair, or who have illegally collaborated with the intelligence services: they need to be removed for the bench.

PPS: I am convinced that if Traian Basescu hadn’t been our President, the Minerva Plan could not have been implemented in Romania, just as it wasn’t accepted in other EU ex-communist states.

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Le chapeau! ...honnête respect pour la “lutte” continue et la détermination de trouver la vérité, dans une décennie de “blackness”, avec un ex'président qui "a été grime", ...pas peut trouver, le rôle primordial de la “veuve de Mao" et l'kommandos de messianique imbeciles, qui ont été parchutè à Bruxelles... Avec votre permission, j'ai à disemine, ...uni dintre cei “a tot cunoscătorii”, membres du club Rotary, même deux chevaliers de Malte dutchmen... vor avea o “consistentă surpriză”

# neoTom-istu' date 11 April 2018 20:46 0

asa sa ne ajute Cel de Sus! 8)

# obiectiva date 11 April 2018 21:50 0

Very well pointed but if you search for deeply we ll find also such kinds of protocols issued between secret romanian services and European court of human rights from strasbourg

# Pentagon date 12 April 2018 17:23 0

Minerva Initiative

# Sarcastic Toma date 12 April 2018 20:34 0

...how deep "should i dig" to see; "such kinds of protocols issued between secret romanian services and European court of human rights from strasbourg" ...OBIECTIVa , if "are you speaking to me?" ...I don't buy that

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