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„We are the DNA!”: 63% of judges and 60% of prosecutors in Romania were under penal investigation

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27 August 2018 14:16
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The trustworthy partnership guaranteed via blackmail. An official press release of the Judiciary Inspection from August 24 2018 revealed that during January 1 2014 – July 30 2018, the DNA – under the leadership of Laura Codruţa Kovesi – investigated 1965 cases regarding a total number of 3420 magistrates, consisting of 2193 judges and 1227 prosecutors.

Numbers speak louder than words: 63% of judges and 60% of prosecutors in Romania were officially investigated (without that fact becoming public knowledge, though) for presumed acts of corruption by the famous and terrible National Directorate of Anticorruption (DNA).

And that based only on “reasonable suspicion”. “Reasonable” for fanatics of “political police”, consisting of the most retrograde circles of the secret services that had their „armed hand of terror” in the DNA. And, of course, without having any evidence, because suspicion doesn’t need to be backed up by evidence. “Revolutionary vigilance” is enough.

What good is evidence for? Everyone is guilty anyway! Some of them the DNA is already dealing with; others, the DNA hasn’t gotten around to yet.

So the “trustworthy partnership”, publicly recognized and strengthened the occult way by secret protocols between DNA prosecutors, SRI agents, and judges at every level (particularly those at ÎCCJ and the Courts of Appeal) and confirmed by confidential commitments to confidentiality (sic!) signed by magistrates – hideous in itself –, was already guaranteed via blackmail – the absolute hideousness.

Rudolph Giulliani send a letter to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

Rudolph Giuliani sent a letter to president Klaus Iohannis in wich he is giving a punch to the Deep State

So 63% of judges and 60% of prosecutors in Romania knew that if they didn’t align themselves with DNA’s view and didn’t submit to its demands, they would end up on the prosecuted bench at best – which basically meant losing their magistrate status – and in jail at worst – which often equates to a death penalty. Magistrates that bothered DNA had a civil-life death to look forward to, in any case; a physical death, in case of “necessity”.

The case of Judge Stan Mustaţă isn’t only loud and clear, but also terrifying.

President of Bucharest’s Court of Appeals penal department, he’d accepted all terrible things did by the DNA and SRI, under threat of being accused for some mere humanly misconduct.

He’d kept quiet about the existence of the protocols which made judges into puppets-on-strings of the “political police” on the tactical field of destroying inconvenient Romanian elites.

He’d accepted signing commitments through which judges become obligated to judge based on evidence held secret from defendants and their lawyers.

After confirming the making of some “dedicated” court arrangements, he was ready to accept the DNA’s indictments without “going into detail” or getting tripped up by the defense’s “excessive” demands.

He’d ruled over the judicial “execution platoons” entering the stage by breaking all rules regarding random distribution of cases.

All of that until one day, when he was asked to “kill” by his own hand people he knew to be innocent. Until then, the assassins had been others. He had at most allowed guilty people to get off easy or had been harsher on them, on a case by case basis.

But to find guilty people of whose innocence you’re sure, against whom there was no evidence – be it circumstantial – and whose innocence is so obvious, solely based on some so-called “logical-juridical” speculations of the prosecution and on indications of opportunity from the counter-espionage service, that was too much.

He tried to get out of it via the subterfuge of abstention. But the mafia doesn’t accept something like that. You either kill or get killed. The request for abstention and being replaced by another judge was denied and Stan Mustaţă was forced to be part of the trial.

With a guilty conscience, over a glass of wine, he confessed that he can’t destroy the lives of people whose blame couldn’t be proven, as the DNA had sent them to trial before him. He knew he was a sinner, but not a reprobate. He wasn’t claiming to be blameless; but he couldn’t accept to be an assassin for hire.

Since the discussion was intercepted, Judge Stan Mustata was arrested and not willy-nilly but when entering the courthouse; he was found guilty by judicial staging for an “exemplary” punishment of 8 years and a half in jail and then assassinated – literally! – during detention.

He’d confessed to some cellmates that after getting released, which was coming up, he wanted to blow the whistle.

DNA’S message was clear: who does like Mustata, like Mustata will perish!

The Mustata case was an extreme and well-known one. But how many other similar cases are less well-known or even anonymous?

Limited to moral assassination only, by comparison, the case of the former President of the civil department of the ICCJ – eminent judge Florin Costiniu – was a happy one. The man only got 1 year and a half of jail-time with a suspended sentence, and left magistrate life. But the list is much longer.

In fact, efficient blackmail isn’t that which ends with an arrest and sentencing of the blackmailed, but with the arrest and sentencing of some third parties – which were selected to be as such – by the blackmailed.

It’s already terrifying enough to know that there’s a connection between the one that’s judging your case and the one that is prosecuting you in it.

To find out that the prosecutor who’s indicting you and the judge who’s processing your case are either under penal investigation or might go under penal investigation by the DNA – so the institution that’s accusing you – is unbearable.

Where would such an act of justice lead to? What sort of confidence could you have in it?

How can such justice be a coagulating factor for society and a guarantee of the rule of law?

DNA got guilty verdicts by threatening 63% of judges and 60% of prosecutors in Romania that, if they didn’t ratify the synthesized political agenda in evidence-less indictments or those with forged evidence, the hounds of penal action would be set on them and they’d go to jail themselves.

It must be added that to just-as-rough a treatment were subjected judiciary experts too, about which there’s less talk, as of yet.

So we can understand why DNA, protected by the General Prosecutor of the PICCJ and even the President of Romania, vehemently resisted establishing an autonomous unit of the Prosecutor’s Office that would investigate magistrate crimes. That way, the DNA had fewer options for accusing of imaginary corruption those magistrates which didn’t support them or accept their indictments.

While being under penal investigation, 63% of judges and 60% of prosecutors in Romania were working on judiciary cases of Romanian citizens that weren’t magistrates. These citizens were thereby victims of the fancy, ambitions, and abuses of the DNA. They were, and they still are.

63% and 60%!

These numbers aren’t made-up. They were officially made public by the Judiciary Inspection; they got them from the DNA itself, finally cited to declassify them.

These numbers speak way louder than words.

They show just how reprobate are the neo-fascist attack battalions crying in hysterics “DNA should come and get you!”.

How big of a liar is the part of the press that glorifies the DNA and launches inept warnings about the danger of limiting its “independence” – to be read as “limiting its ability to abuse, blackmail, corrupt, and kill” – that would let the “corrupt” get away with it!

How subversive is the support for DNA’s criminal activity, given by embassies of states which are officially our friends.

63% and 60%

The only way to translate these numbers into words is through reciting those read by Dante at the Gates of Hell: “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!” In short: “We are the DNA!”

P.S.: But what are we going to do about those who have been convicted, killed, destroyed?

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# Erwin date 27 August 2018 14:55 +2

Mani******rea(informatiei) este un cuvant mare. O astfel de reprezentare statistica ma obliga sa inteleg ca balanta ar fi intr-un continuu dezechilibru: pentru ca si de o parte enuntata, cat si pentru cei neavizati, - tot in procente, au fost si sunt in continuare sub presiunea sadistilormitocani, dar "elitisti"(!), prin "curat linsaj posibil", - deci mani******re de la oribil la obscen, de procurorii in haita cu judecatori derobati de moralitate, tot acest razboi intestin in institutia justitiara mentinut de sefia unor alienati, setosi de putere, si cu rahat in loc de creier.

# Elena date 27 August 2018 14:55 +3

AICI sunt PENALII ADEVĂRAȚI pe care toți îi căutați şi nu-i găseați ..căci VOI erați :D :lol: ;-) PS: pe forumul magistraților cică se pregăteşte o revoltă cu proteste şi amenintări că "justiția" isi va înceta activitatea.. PĂI CE MAI AŞTEPTAȚI? Încetați balamucul "prostituției"judiciare ...PS2 Cică impostorul Lazăr vrea independența în continuate ! :o pai care independență? EL VREA: Independenta FAȚĂ DE LEGE BINEÎNȚELES :lol:

# Edelweiss - Der Einsame Wolf von Bukowina date 27 August 2018 16:12 0

1. Justiția NU ÎNSEAMNĂ vreo 2-3 mormoloci, fraieri, tute și puțoi membri ai Forumului Juzilor Teleolteni și Transdoljeni! Justiția transcende persoanele și reprezintă un concept filosofic, o valoare etică perenă. 2. SCHEISSEGAL dacă 2-3 păduchi, cu țâfna exacerbată până înspre paranoia, or să înceteze lucrul. Se va considera grevă, refuz de a efectua lucrările încredințate sau refuz de a-și îndeplini atribuțiile funcționale și astfel VOR FI DAȚI AFARĂ DIN MAGISTRATURĂ. :eek: Dezinsecția systemului judiciar debutează cu ... aportul benevol al păduchilor!

# traditia spune ca date 27 August 2018 15:23 +2

haitele zeilor alogeni afara,afara ,din tara,mani******tori vulgari in vorbe si comportament.Afara din tara!

# First step, take the traitor Klemm back & put him in jail date 27 August 2018 15:40 +4

Klemm was the Obama`s clerk and worked with the DNA and SRI against our Romanian interest and consequently against USA too because he create the illusion the Trump administration support him, which is not the case . We wait long time for this message/sign (some of us in prison) : thank you Rudolph W. Giuliani , thank you Donald Trump !

# Vanatzil cu pietre pe Lazar ! date 27 August 2018 15:45 +5

Ce mai cauta tradatorul ala de-o angaja pe Curvesi , plagiatoarea recunoscuta , care fu aruncata de gunoi ce era si el o lua de buna ? Ala ne-a sfidat pe toti . Cum sa pui pe una care a bagat oamnei in inchisoare pe dosare false bazate doar pe ceva intercepatri decupate sau martori de la SRI . PS. Ce faceti ba , PSD+ALDE ? Ce dracu` cauta bugetul ala de 3 mrld. la SRI , comparabil SIE are 300 mil.? De ce ii platim pe aia ? Vreau justificare clara la ore de maxima audienta cu postare si pe youtube !!! :eek:

# Edelweiss - Iarăși prophet (de Bukowina) date 27 August 2018 15:56 +1

Ce-mi place să văz prin fel de fel de locuri mediatice expresii, sintagme, asocieri sau citate utilizate cândva și de mine. Până la urma urmei poate să fie și coincidență, Io* tot mă bucur să văz asociată justiției de paradeală protocolară expresia dantescă : „Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate” . Asta expresie spuneam Io* acum ceva ani că am văzut-o scrisă pe dosul Panoului cu denumirea Vespasianei de Apel Suceava. De văzut ce scrie pe dosul (=pe curul) justiției bukowinene (și nu numai) am văzut într-o noapte din martie 2015, când făceam greva foamei în fața CLOACA MAXIMA BUKOWINEANA. Inga într-o pictură meșteșugită cum arată sigla Vespasianei de la Suceava: https://tazmaniandemoon.blogspot.com/2018/08/blind-judicial-obedience-trad-sluga.html

# Mike date 27 August 2018 16:57 +1

Kovesi, Popovici, Pancescu, Mirica, Volintiru trebuie sa fie exclusi din magistratura. Au fost uneltele de subjugare a justitiei unor interese externe toxice pentru Romania. Care este rezultatul benefic pentru tara al tuturor acestor abuzuri? Nici unul!

# Carcotas date 27 August 2018 23:23 +2

Hai sa nu operam cu discriminări ! Ce, papici, anadana, cerbu, alinastoica, nu se califica? Dar sefii de servicii din teritoriu? Ala de la Oradea, ala de la Brasov? Astia ce au?

# Stanciu , Tarcea, etc date 28 August 2018 00:00 0

Corect : sa facem curat ! :-)

# Klaus-Klaus date 27 August 2018 18:00 +1

;-) Edelweiss ! 1 Ca GROSSE dreptate ai.. JA-JA! eu cred ca toate ******-urile publice ar trebui ONORATE CU NUMELE CELOR STIUTI CU OBRAZ DAT CU FOND DE TEN MARON.. din seria stiuta ca fiind fatata "din coapsa posterioara a PeDeLe-prelor & CO.." 2 Re faza cu scrisoarea de la LICURICI.. pai EXACT in zona ZERO a dna-ului lulutzesc erau DOUA (2) consiliere de la LICURICI,una era Allison Sxxxxxxs- pe ailalta nu mai stiu cum o chema, BASCA baetzii de FeBeI..si ALTII mai taino$i 8) .. Koana Lulutza o fi crezut ca aia nu vad, nu aud, nu stiu..?? Cum ar zice UNUL ANUME.." GHINION" :P Nicht LUKRU GUT FAKUT Nein-Nein! :-)

# RESTUL DE 40% SUNT DE FAPT RUDE CU PRIMII 60% date 28 August 2018 16:11 0

ORI GENETIC SUNT RUDE ORI PRIN ALIANTA. ALTFEL NU SE EXPLICA ABISALA PLONJARE IN HATISUL PROTOCOALELOR. Orice judecator INDEPENDENT+INAMOVIBIL+CU O CARUTA DE BANI LUNAR LA BUZUNAR+LA FINAL CU PENSIE IMENSA se lasa manjit de un protocol care pe langa faptul ca este ILEGAL il mai si pune sa COOPEREZEca si COLABORATOR al serviciilor de informatii trebuie ca este ori parte din marsavul sistem de control ilegal al averilor cetatenilor (cand tragi linie vezi ca orice magistrat se ocupa de fapt cu impartitul averii justitiabilului) ori bun de trimis la Balaceanca.

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